Brian Baksa is Sometimes An Office

I Don’t Like Banana Bread With Chocolate Chips
An Illustrated Observation
2021, Writing, Observation, Essay

An End Table For Plants
Materials: Polyurethane Foam Dust, Clear Casting and Coating Epoxy, CNC Mold, Plant
2019, Furniture Design, Installation, Art

Totem #4
Materials: MDF Board Substructure, Clear Casting and Coating Epoxy Resin, Waterjet Cut Mirrors, Light Filters
Location: Pellston, MI
Design Team: David Alcala, Luccas Dias, Brian Baksa
2018, Installation, Art

Culinary Hybrid 
The table unifies two distinct programs: a fire station and a culinary hub. While massed as independent objects, the interior blends community and culture with those that help to protect it. 
2017, Unbuilt, Concept

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